Recap: The Green Bay Packers are the NFC North champs!2 minute read

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It was a hard fought game, then again aren’t all divisional games hard fought? The Packers headed to Motown for this showdown with the divisional foe Detroit Lions. With the NFC North crown on the line here, saying it was a big game is an understatement. The stakes were high to say the least, not only does the winner get the crown, but also has a much easier road to Superbowl 51.

With the victory the Green Bay Packers sit atop NFC North once again where they belong. The Packers now head home to Green Bay Wisconsin to play the New York Giants and Eli Manning. I’m not worried about the Giants. Eli Manning is a turnover machine! He has the 6th most interceptions in the NFL on the year with 16. Our defense has the 3rd most interceptions in the league with 16. We’re going to do Eli like we did Russell Wilson, 5+ turnovers.

Packers vs. Lions recap


A.Rodgers: 27/39 for 300 yards, 4 touchdowns & 0 interceptions

A.Ripkowski: 9 carries for 61 yards
T. Montgomery: 8 carries for 44 yards
A. Rodgers: 10 carries for 42 yards

G. Allison: 4 catches for 91 yards & 1 touchdown
J. Nelson: 6 catches for 66 yards
J. Cook: 4 catches for 56 yards
D. Adams: 6 catches for 31 yards


M. Stafford: 26/41 for 347 yards, 2 touchdowns & 1 interception


Z. Zenner: 20 carriers for 69 yards & 1 touchdowns


G. Tate: 6 catches for 77 yards & 1 touchdown
M. Jones: 5 catches for 76 yards
E. Ebron: 6 catches for 61 yards
A. Boldin: 4 catches for 57 yards & 1 touchdown

So we have the Giants next week (Saturday) in the wild card round at  4:15PM EST on Fox.

As for the Lions they must now travel to Seattle to play the Seahawks on Saturday at 8:30PM EST.

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