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So the NFL Regular season came and and went like a thief in the night, the 2016 season had a lot ups and downs and great moments. What we did learn form this season that some new coaches belonged in the system that they are in and some just belong on the college level or as coordinators.

A couple coaches got the boot midway in the season and if you asked some didn’t deserve to get the boot,but others did so here are the few that got the boot early.







L.A. Rams, Jeff Fisher 45 loses

Fisher was the first to get fired after his team’s blowout loss to Atlanta Falcons, and having a total of 45 loses. There has been much speculation who will be the next Head Coach for The L.A. Rams, the names range from Jon Gruden, Jim Harrbaugh and that is just scratching the surface. We will see who comes out on top during the off-season.

Gus Bradley Jackonsville Jaguars 47 loses 

Gus Bradley, was fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars after 3 horrible losing seasons and if  you asked me it was long overdue. Bradley should have kept his position as Defensive Coordinator in Seattle. The new speculation of who is going to be the new head coach for the team is the original and first coach of the franchise Tom Coughlin.  If the team goes that route and chooses Tom Coughlin, watch for the Jacksonville Jaguars, to make a big splash and become a defensive minded team.

Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan 45 loses

The Bills wasted no time in firing Rex Ryan and his Brother Rob Ryan, Buffalo  hired Ryan in 2015 and released him after two seasons. The Ryan brothers, honestly needed more time to build a team and get the right pieces together especially a franchise QuarterBack, they had there stud running-back. The Brothers just needed time, I believe this move will come back and haunt the team in the coming future.

San Fransico 49ers, Chip Kelly

After one season, The 49ers decided to part ways with head coach Chip Kelly. The Team also parted ways with their Gm as well. Chip Kelly,  never did fit in the NFL as a head coach, he was associated with drama since he entered the league, from getting rid of his star players when He was head coach in Philadelphia, and now as recently as head coach of San-Fransico, with the Colin Kapernick National Anthem Protest. I honestly think this move was one of the great move to happen in the NFL, Chip Kelly is Volatile for a franchise as a head coach in The NFL. So hopefully the 49ers  pick the right candidate for the job and can put the franchise back on the right track and back to the Top in the NFC West.


Indianapolis Colts, Chuck Pagano

Chuck Pagano, has had okay success with the Colts as their head coach he has a (41-23) regular season record and a (3-3) post season record. He has 4 seasons under his belt as the head coach of the Colts, and can never take them to the top of the mountain even with the so called franchise QuarterBack ANDREW LUCK. In 2012 as first year as Coach Pagano went (11-5) and Lost the wild card to the BALTIMORE RAVENS, then in 2013 his team went (11-5) again and won their division, but lost the AFC Divisional game to the Rival New England Patriots.  Then again the colts went (11-5) in 2014 and won their Division again and made it to the AFC championship game where again they lost to the New England Patriots. After that  the Colts could never get it going finishing (8-8) in 2015 and just this season finish with a (7-8) record. Pagano is a great motivator and a great person, but does lack the fire to take a team to the top and get a team going after loses. Lets see if he is retained or let go but he is one coach that is on the hot seat.

New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton

Sean Payton, has had great success early with the Saints, he led them to the franchise’s first and only Superbowl title in 2009 defeating the Indianapolis Colts, but after that its been nothing but ups and downs and drama filled seasons, from the infamous Bounty Gate, to his off season marriage issues, and even his arguments with Roger Goodell. Payton has served as head coach of  the Saints for ten years and has had 5 winning seasons out of those 10 years. Many would say that is a decent record for a coach, but as we all know the NFL is a cut throat league and if you are not successful for many years and do not have multiple Championships, you are going to lose your Job. Sean Payton name has came up numerous times for the head coaching job for the L.A. Rams. as of right now Sean Payton is in the hot seat.

So lets see how this coaching carousel will play out with numerous vacancies at the head coaching position especially the DENVER BRONCOS HEAD COACHING POSITION. Also look for surprises as well, something tells me there maybe changing of the guard in Pittsburgh, and in Cincinnati, and just maybe in Dallas if they don’t make it all the way. So you heard it here First at REALNSE.com at RealNSE Sports.

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