Is Ronda Rousey done? (UFC 207 Recap)3 minute read

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Last night was UFC 207, the long awaited return of the once Queen of the octagon went up against a new comer Amande Nunez in the main event. Many expected Rousey to come out and just dominate Nunes. After all Rousey hasn’t fought in over a year since she got her face re-arranged by Holly Holt. It was apparent that Rousey clearly underestimated Nunes, Nunes clipped Rousey with a heavy left hand early in the first round. It was a wrap after that point. It was hard to watch. I felt I was literally watching the fall of the once greatest female fighter in the world right before my eyes.

Fight recap

Is Ronda Rousey done? (UFC 207 Recap) Nunes vs Rousey

Not much to recap here honestly, the fight was over in 48 seconds! Ronda Rousey did not look herself in that fight. I think, like I said Rousey underestimated Nunes and when she was rocked she lost her focus, she was caught WAY off guard. Rousey’s hands were down and everywhere they shouldn’t have been.

So the question is being asked for the last 24 hours since the fight. Is Ronda Rousey’s career over? Is Ronda Rousey done? I think she is, the way Dana White/UFC and Ronda Rousey handled her loss against Holly Holt last year coupled with this huge defeat, there’s no where to go from here. After the fight with Holly Holm Ronda should have been back fighting her way back to the title match. But instead she decided to disappear for over a year. Then she comes back after that 1+ year to fight a new up in comer who can clearly brawl? And for a title shot the first fight back? That is just poor management. She should have took a few lower card fights to get back into the game, and have to fight her way to another title shot. And that is why Ronda Rousey is done, and that is the end of the “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey era.

Is Ronda Rousey done? (UFC 207 Recap) Nunes vs RouseyIs Ronda Rousey done? (UFC 207 Recap) Nunes vs Rousey

WWE next for Ronda Rousey?

That’s a very likely possibility. The WWE is really looking more and more like the next step for Rousey’s career. Stephanie McMahon, the Chief Brand Officer of the World Wrestling Entertainment business, has been quite vocal on the fact that she wants Rousey in the WWE. And personally I think that would be a great fit, Rousey is beautiful, strong, athletic and can act. So she’d be a great wrestler.

So we’ll see what happens next for Rousey…

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