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In honor of new years coming up in just 7 days we thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2016 as told by our articles.

2016 in review

(From oldest to newest)

BLM was exposed for a fraud led by George Soros

What George Soros and Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to see about the riots in Charlotte.

We learned that Trump had to debate more than just Hillary Clinton

1st Presidential Debate Takeaways & Review (POLL)

We learned about Bill Clinton’s abandoned black soon.

Bill Clinton’s Abandon BLACK Son

We got shocked by Mike Pence and how strong of a debater he is

Mike Pence was impressive in the VP Debate

We learned Donald Trump is a lady killer

BREAKING: Donald Trump caught on ‘hot mic’ saying some locker room type things about woman

The media and Democrats cook up bogus sexual assault allegations and fail miserably

What they’re not telling you about Donald Trump’s sexual assault cases

We learned the Democrats have been rigging polls for years.

Wikileaks: Absolute proof the Democrats are rigging polls

FBI reopen Clinton’s email investigation

HUGE: FBI REOPENING investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server

Cubs go to the series


I boycotted Empire

Why I’m No Longer Watching Empire

I voted for the first time

I voted | We will know our new president in 1 day

FBI director James Comey closes the Clinton email case again

James Comey: “we have not changed our conclusions” | No charges AGAIN

The Democrats agenda was revealed


Donald Trump wins the election in a landslide

Trump WINS in historic landslide | We did it

The Democrats are sore losers

Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Sore Losers

Vladimir Putin is ready to repair the America-Russia relationship

Putin ready to make America and Russia allies again

I gave you my stance on abortion

Why I’m AGAINST abortions & how Planned Parenthood is RACIST

Roll breaks down why gun free zones don’t work

Why Gun Free Zones Don’t Work

Hillary Clinton slipped into deep depression

Hillary Clinton is very depressed since loss: “I never want to leave the house again”

Fake news

Here’s the truth about these “fake news” sites

Police shootings increase 170% in one year

170% increase in police killings in one year

Kanye West becomes normal

Kanye West hospitalized after showing support for Trump

Jill Stein called for recounts

Jill Stein wants a recount in these states | Raises $2 Million

Yet another ISIS attack in America

Ohio State attacker possibly ISIS | What you need to know

Fidel Castro dies

Death Of The Devil (Fidel Castro)

Dallas Cowboys are pretty good

Is America’s Team Back

Kanye and Trump have been friends for a “long time”

Why Kanye West’s visit to Trump Tower is such a big deal

Dylann Roof is convicted

Dylann Roof & The Charleston Church Shooting False Flag

The Russian ambassador to Russia is assassinated

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Murdered

MTV releases the most racist anti-white video ever

The most racist video from MTV yet

Putin sends Trump a nice letter

Putin sends letter to Trump

We just want to thank all of you who have been loyal readers to our site. I have no doubt RealNSE.com will continue to grow and become a major news site in 2017. Happy New Year all!

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