Packers stomp Vikings for 5th straight win1 minute read

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The term “stomp” maybe isn’t quite accurate. But it sounds a lot better than “beat”. The stats paint a different picture of Saturday’s game between two NFC North rivals Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings….




  • 74 Total Plays
  • 446 Total Yards
  • 2 Turnovers
  • 5-15 3RD Down Eff.

  • 58 Total Plays
  • 348 Total Yards
  • 0 Turnovers
  • 6-13 3RD Down Eff.

Jordy Nelson had a huge day. With 9 catches for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. He played with a chip on his shoulder, for not being nominated for the Pro Bowl. Although he leads the league in touchdowns.

Aaron Rodgers was red hot all day long, with a passer rating of 136.6, he went 28/38 for 347 yards and 4 touchdowns.

The Packers control their own destiny as they say. We eliminated the Vikings with the defeat earlier today. So the NFC North is still up for grabs. Even if the Detroit Lions beat the Cowboys this Monday night, the NFC North title still comes down to the final came of the regular season when the Lions and Packers match up. The winner of that game will win the NFC North, and loser will win the wild card.


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