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Pier Fishing Tips.

1 Don’t Always Fish The Deep ends. Anglers believe that the deeper the water the more fish there will be and the bigger the fish will be.  Experienced anglers have found that this is not always the case, and in fact, it is most frequently wrong.  Many larger fish as well as large schools of fish congregate in the shallow water.  The bait fish use the shallows to hide in, the larger fish are in search of a meal!

2. Use Different Types Of Baits

when it comes to baits many people love the usual shrimp or greenbacks. We as anglers have a tendency to use that go to bait and never stop using once we find out it works. Fish do get tired of the same bait, just as we would if we had the same meals over and over again. A great tactic to use from a pier is to use a dropper rig with 2 hooks.  One hook will have one type of bait, the other hook a different type.  If the fish favor one bait of the other that day, this technique will help identify the bait they favor.


3. Learn To Read The Water: Watching the water under and around a pier will tell you a lot about what is happening bellow the surface.   If there is a boil of water in an area that is unexpected there is most likely some sort of sub-surface structure.  Areas like that will quite frequently hold fish.

4. Bring a Landing Net or A Hoop Net:  Pulling a fish from the water to the pier with out a net can be difficult when the fish is either large or quite active on the way up.  Many fish are lost trying to just pull the fish up because of broken lines or the fish simply pulling the hook.  


The Best Tip of all

5.Have Fun: Remember at the end of the day have fun and enjoy yourself, bring your friends, or love ones and make a day of it. Trust me people will always remember a fishing trip. because a bad fishing beats a good day at the office.

So Keep Calm and Fish On

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