The Come Back Packs ( Green Bay Packers)3 minute read

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So the 2016/2017 NFL Season has been filled with a lot of Ups and downs and Drama to say the least. As we conclude week 15 the playoff picture is becoming a little more clear and this the time when a team catches fire and just goes off all the way to the super bowl 9 times out of 10 that is the team that wins it all. Well we all know that the Cowboys have been on a roll lately behind their rookie duo, and The Patriots are well the Patriots… they are running through the AFC as they just Clinched their Division For the 14th time and a Playoff Berth. The surprise teams have been the Oakland Raiders with their first Playoff Berth since 2002 and The Tampa Bay Bucs who playing lights out defensive football showing shades of the old Bucs.

The Biggest Surprise Is the Green Bay Packers, they have found a new life after what seemed to be a lost season at 4-6 now have jumped up to a 8-6 record and all they have in their way is two divisional games left which are , The Vikings on 12/24 and the Lions on 1/1 and if they can get past them they have a chance to clinch their 8th straight playoff berth. The Packers looked like they where going to lose the close game between the Chicago Bears sunday, but late in the fourth quarter with 36 seconds to go Aaron Rodgers being the Baaad Man that he is, hit Jordy Nelson with a 60 yard bomb and that set up Mason Crosby for the game winning Field Goal, capping the score at  30-27 Green Bay over Chicago.

The Packers are catching that fire at the right time, this game was theirs to loose in game that was filled with a lot of drama Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s team has its flaws; he even benched one of his most productive players former first-round draft pick Damarious Randall  during Sunday’s 17-point fourth-quarter collapse. During a Press Conference Mike McCarthy said “We’re getting stronger as far as our performance and our mentality,”  The Packers are proving to everyone now is not a good time to play the Green Bay Packers, because they our out to prove a point and have one goal in mind and will not stop till they reach the Super Bowl, They are playing like there is no tomorrow and that my friends is why they are a scary team to play right now. Not only are they getting hot, they are led by in my opinion one the greatest QuarterBacks to Play the game of football, Aaron Rodgers.

So if this article is right and the Packers do go all the way You know our writer Nico Bowling will be jumping for joy lol.




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