Dylann Roof & The Charleston Church Shooting False Flag4 minute read

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I know that I’m late writing about this but with the conviction coming down for Dylann Roof just being announced just three days ago, I wanted to talk about this.  For those who don’t know,  a “white supremacist” named Dylann Storm Roof targeted and entered a Charleston black church on June 17th 2015, and killed 9 black people. His full confession was just recently released due to the court case being closed. In the long confession interview he fully admitted what he had done and why he did it. He said he is a white supremacist, and hates black people. He chose that church because he knew their would be unarmed black people that would be easy targets. Roof also said that his motive behind this was the Treyvon Martin case, he “didn’t see what the big deal was” and that he is tired of the black on white crime going on in America.


Was the Dylann Roof Charleston Church shooting a false flag?

Many signs point to yes. Over the course of this article I’m going to show some facts and some odd things about this case that point to this being yet another false flag.



He had many black friends.

Via his Facebook Dylann Roof had a NUMBER of black friends. Now normally I’d say that is no big deal, it’s just Facebook friends. But come on, Roof is a “white supremacist” that hates black people, do you really think he would have black friends on his Facebook? Or do you even believe that black people would want to be affiliated with this guy? There is even an interview with a close friend of Dylann’s who is black and talks about how Dylann would never act or say racist things around him ever.


Plays right into their narrative.

This shooting is way to perfect for the narrative that the mainstream media and the corrupt government is pushing to no end, and that’s racial division and gun control. Immediately after the shooting occurred President Obama wasted no time blaming guns and saying we need to stop this and points out how “easy” it was for this guy to get a gun.


Victims awarded $29 million only days after shooting.

This is unbelievable. Within days of the shooting the government awarded the victims families $29 million, mind you this is before it was fully confirmed what even happened and before the case even was seen in court! Paying for silence?

The arrest video.

You can see the arrest video of Dylann Roof below, in the video the police officers that are pulling over Roof in his car are walking up to the car very nonchalantly and even puts his gun away before he even gets past the trunk! And remember this is an armed suspect that just murdered people.


The body armor.

The video of Dylann Roof entering the church clearly shows some form of body army under his clothes. Normally that would be expected for a shooter but in the confession interview Dylann said he made sure he had an extra clip, not for the police but for himself. So why would a suicidal shooter wear full body armor?


Active shooter drill

There was an active shooter drill going on at the exact same time and day of the supposed shooting. This was simply to train the victims family on how to act during and after the shooting.


Now you can call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever you want but our government has staged events like this numerous times over the years. The JFK assassination, Sandy Hook, Batman shooter, 9/11 and many more were all staged. Now Roof has been convicted on all 33 counts, his sentencing will start on January 3rd of next year. He will either be sentenced to life in prison or put to death. I predict he will be put to death as to tie up any loose ends, and avoid Roof talking about the false flag later.

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