Why Kanye West’s visit to Trump Tower is such a big deal2 minute read

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The famous and wild rapper Kanye West, 39, came strolling through the Trump Tower lobby like he belonged there. And apparently he does. After the meeting both Trump and West were pretty quite on what exactly they spoke about, but Trump did say “he’s a great guy” “we’ve been friends a long time”, President-elect Trump even hugged Kanye and told him In a very sincere voice “take care of yourself OK?” “i’ll see you soon bud!”

Why is this such a big deal?

Well, it might not be. What I’m wondering is that maybe Kanye West is going to perform Donald Trumps inauguration. One of the people from the lame stream media downstairs when Trump and Kanye both exited Trump Tower’s elevators. Donald Trump wouldn’t let us know what exactly the meeting was about, all he said they talked about is “life”.

But this is a big deal because Kanye West may have broken out of his satanic mind control. This will help Trump win over the ignorant millennials. If Donald Trump was a racist, do you really think Kanye West would want to meet with him? Mind you Kanye was the one who called George Bush a racist on live television.


Kanye West took to Twitter later after their meeting and hat this to say…..

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