Alex Jones/Infowars say they will try and KILL TRUMP!1 minute read

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Alex Jones the anti-establishment radio and talk show host for is an avid Trump supporter as am I. Jones has been deemed a “conspiracy theorist” by the dying mainstream media. But say what you want Alex Jones does tell the truth, and has been right most of the time. And I have to say, I am with him on this. I think the globalist’s and the democratic party will try and kill President-elect Donald Trump before he gets into office or shortly after. But why? It’s simple. Donald Trump is a God fearing man, that wants to put America first. Now a days that’s not what the established wants. They want and need a puppet they can control in the White House. Donald Trump is the exact opposite. Just look at what happened to JFK. He wasn’t controllable, so they staged a false flag and killed him. There has been numerous threats to President-elect Trump’s life, many of which we’ve shown. But the question is when will it happen? Will it even happen? I’m hoping Alex and I are both wrong……

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