Trump does it again! Proves the media WRONG! Helps Black homeless woman1 minute read

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A very touching story went viral earlier today. A video of a black woman  who calls herself a “squatter”, someone who goes from house to house and has no actual home. She says in the video that over eight years ago she broke into Trump Tower and was living there illegally. The security team caught her and when confronted, she told them she isn’t leaving. The security team called Donald Trump personally, he came downstairs from his million dollar home inside Trump Tower to meet the woman. It was then that Donald Trump told his security and the woman that she can stay in one of the luxury condominiums at the Tower. But that’s not all, after all it’s Donald Trump. A powerful person with a kind heart. He not only gave her a place to live, RENT FREE but also made sure she had three meals a day through room service, but also had fresh roses delivered every week. So just to recap…. Donald Trump gave a homeless black woman a million dollar condo, fed her three times a day with world class room service, then when out of his way to send her flowers every week. And Donald Trump is racist? I don’t think so…

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