Look what Trump just said about Obama, best buds?1 minute read

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Fox News tweeted earlier today that President-elect Donald Trump had some kind words to say about President Barack Obama. Below is the quote…

Now I know some people may freak out when they read that “why is Trump Obama’s friend now!” “BACK STABBER!”. I wrote an article a week or so ago and shot a video about how people really need to CALM DOWN with the Trump flip flop freak outs. But really folks let’s just look at this. Donald Trump is going to take over for Obama in January, meaning Obama is going to decide just how much of a mess he wants to leave Trump to clean up. So obviously Trump is going to play nice and grease some palms until he officially takes the thrown. This is still the man we voted in, trust and want in the white house. We have to remember that, and not be so quick to jump ship.

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