The Walking Dead Season 7 has been really disappointing2 minute read

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Is it just me, or has this season of The Walking Dead been really boring? Well I don’t think I’m alone. According to and others, season 7 of The Walking Dead has the lowest ratings in the shows history. But why is this? This season was supposed to be the biggest yet. So what went wrong? The first episode back shattered the the previous show’s history ratings. But since then its been in a decline.

The Walking Dead Season 7 has been really disappointing

The part that I dont like about this season is the jumping around. One episode will have Rick and the crew, then the next two episodes won’t have Rick or any of the main characters at all and just show Maggie & Sasha, then just Carol and Morgan. All of those I personally don’t think are strong enough characters to be the focus of the entire episode by theirselves. It really should be The Crew vs The Saviours every episode. Now I know them fighting every episode might get boring, and they wouldn’t be able to just fight all season. But I mean the broken up episodes are boring. I want to see Negan, Rick and Michonne in every episode. They’re the main characters. We shouldn’t need to think “hmm I wonder if we’re gonna even see the main characters tonight? ” that’s just ridiculous.

The Walking Dead Season 7 has been really disappointing

We’re entering the first mid-season break. Next weeks hour and a half special episode really needs to bring it home. Or else they risk losing a lot of viewers over the break.

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