Read what my Marine friend has to say about Gen. James Mattis our new Secretary of Defense2 minute read

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President-elect Donald Trump met with retired General James Mattis on November 19th for a potential position in his cabinet. Yesterday it became official, Donald Trump selected James Mattis for the secretary of defense position. Trump announced this at his first rally of his “Thank you tour”, though he wasn’t supposed to announce it officially until Monday.

Now Roll already did a FANTASTIC article on who General James Mattis is, so I’m not going to harp to much on that. You can read that article here. But I wanted to share what my very good Marine friend Phil had to say about Mattis when I asked if he knew who he was.

What’s up bro! Yes sir I do know who General Mattis. He is Marines of all Marines. He is every Marine’s wet dream lol. I really hope he become secretary of defense haha.

He is a straight badass officer who gives no fucks and will destroy any terrorist. He definitely knows how to lead the Marines and he started as a rifleman platoon commander. So he is all about being a grunt.

I am all about General Mattis lol. Not only because he was a Marine, but I know what he did in his career and as one of our commanders. I believe in Trump’s decision as well.

There you have it from a NCO, team leader E-4 Corporal United States Marine. Donald Trump has made a fine choice for SOD.

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