Unbelievable: 15 electors refusing to vote for Trump1 minute read

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In a report filed by Infowars Paul Joseph Watson, 15 electoral voters are refusing to cast there vote for Donald Trump on December 19th. There are 538 electoral voters, and a report is showing that 15 of those voters are refusing and actively campaigning to go against there duty to vote for Donald Trump. Trump won the election fair and square on November 8th by earning a total of 306 electoral votes.

Now this is unlikely to actually prevent Donald Trump in becoming president of the United States due to the large lead he has, but just the fact these electoral voters are openly admitting that they’re going to sabotage our democracy is unbelievable. Another shocking fact is 21 states still don’t actually require their members of the electoral College to vote for their parties designated candidate, and the 29 states that do impose that law only result in low penalties for violating the rule, including only fines and misdemeanors charges.

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