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It’s been more than two decades since the Dallas Cowboys won a Superbowl, and standing tall on the NFL’s mountain top. Since then all we heard as cowboys fans were, ”Cowboys suck”, and “You Guys Live in the Past”. Yea it was disheartening to see our team struggle every season and blow the big games, but the key factor that sets us apart from the rest of the fans we never jumped ship we always stayed loyal to our team no matter what.


The Dallas Cowboys, have recaptured the magic from the glory days and have rode that way to a 10-1 record, which is the best record in the league, and they are being led by two rookies Quarterback Dak Prescott, and Running Back Ezekiel Elliott. These two have put the team on there backs at the start season and never looked back. They have faced much criticism from every angle and they do not let it effect them from early Quarterback     controversy to off the field issues with Dez Bryant.The winning attitude has caught on in every aspect of the team and has motivated this team for the better. This new swagger that the team has, have us talking playoffs in Dallas already before the month of December. This has not happened in a very long time. So it looks like America’s team is back and better than ever. Lets ride this wave and beat the vikings this Thursday.

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