Death Of The Devil (Fidel Castro)2 minute read

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 Fidel Castro , Died November 25th,2016 at 10:45pm at the age of 90. November 25th 2016, will forever be remembered by the Cuban people, This is The Day That The Devil Died.


  Many people are criticizing the Cuban Community for celebrating someones death, But many people do not know that the Cuban Community is not celebrating someones death, they are celebrating the end of a reign of a tyrant, the end of oppression and the end of an era that brought nothing but pain and suffering. Yes the Cuban people do understand that they are still not free and that there is still many challenges ahead, but they are celebrating  the end of oppression. 


The Cuban people suffered under the rule of  Fidel Castro for  47 years, He led the revolution against  Fulgencio Batista in 1959,and during those horrendous 47 years, Fidel Castro dismantled families and the country of Cuba. He made famous the firing squad by executing hundreds of political prisoners and innocent people with this new style of execution. Castro also imprisoned many just because they spoke about him and his regime. Many people fled the country and left everything they had behind to escape this tyrant. They left families, friends and their life just to start a new one somewhere else. Many risked their lives to make that 90 mile journey from Cuba to Florida just to taste freedom again, most of them did not get to complete that journey, because they were lost to the sea. This is what Fidel Castro caused, pain and suffering that many will never understand. So yes they are Celebrating in Miami and else where cause as a Cuban American myself and having Family affected greatly by the Castro Regime. I can relate with the celebrations that are going on . The End of Oppression has started.










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