Rudy Giuliani is my pick for SOS #NeverRomney1 minute read

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The hashtag #NeverRomney has been trending on Twitter for a few days now. Trump supporters are using this to send a message to Presient-Elect Trump. The message is we don’t want Mitt Romney in your cabinet.

Let’s start a new positive hashtag…  #WeWantRudy

Let’s get #WeWantRudy trending!!!

Rudy Giuliani is an American lawyer, businessman, public speaker, and former mayor of New York City.

What he did as mayor for New York is incredible. Lowering crime rate immensely. I think Rudy Giuliani would be a FANTASTIC Secretary of State pick for a Trump cabinet. Giuliani is a smart, strong, good person who would do a great job speaking with foreign leaders and would always put America first! not to mention he’s been there for Trump the whole time right my his side.

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