People need to CALM DOWN! Trump is not flip flopping2 minute read

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I keep hearing people freaking out about President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks so far. Even his true supporters are saying things like “he’s flip flopping” or “he’s making me worried“. Listen, CALM DOWN! Trump is an extremely smart man, and he hasn’t even taken office yet! Many people are upset that Donald Trump is considering Mitt Romney for secretary of state. Some even go as far as saying if Trump picks Romney, he is “slapping his supporters in the face”.

People need to CALM DOWN! Trump is not flip flopping

Look, I wrote about this when the news first broke on Romney meeting with President-elect Trump. I liked Romney when he was running against Obama. But he did say some harsh things about Donald Trump during the election, but part of the reason we voted for Donald Trump is because he’s smart and we trust him. If Trump selects Mitt Romney, I will stand by him.

Another selection people are up in arms about is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for US ambassador to UN.

People need to CALM DOWN! Trump is not flip flopping

Haley, 44, has had a successful political career, but she was another republican who was critical of Trump during the election saying things like Trump is “everything a Governor doesn’t want in a President”. So I can see the question of some of President-elect Trump’s picks so far, but we voted for him and need to support and trust him.

The fact that Donald Trump can put aside his differences with politicians that didn’t support him speaks volumes for his character and level head. I have great confidence in Donald Trump, and will stand by his decisions. I want someone who will do their job well and do good for our country, I couldn’t care less about some mean things he or she said in the past.

What are YOUR thoughts on President-elect Trump’s cabinet picks so far?


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