ISIS suicide bombing kills 100+ in Iraq1 minute read

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South of Baghdad – As we set our tables and get ready to spend time with our families and give thanks, upwards of 100 people are dead due to a suicide bombing which has now been claimed responsible by ISIS. Hours ago bus loads of civilians, many said to be Iranian pilgrims on their way back from a memorial to pay respects to Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, were killed when stopping at a fuel station when a suicide bomber set off a truck explosion. When first reported it was said to have killed just over 50 people, now reports are coming in that 100 or more have died and more injured.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for this horrific act of terrorism in a statement they released online.

“The flames of battles in Mosul will reach them in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf,” the ISIS statement reads. It also said Iranians were among those killed.

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