Desperate Democrats want Hillary Clinton to demand recount2 minute read

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With more than 2 weeks having passed since the election was concluded and Donald Trump emerged the victor, desperate Democratic “voting experts” and researchers are urging Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to challenge the election results. These so called experts all say there may have been “foreign interference” in favor for Donald Trump in some key swing states. Now they have yet to share any information to support their theory.

The battleground states they have concerns with are Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“I’m interested in verifying the vote,” said Dr Barbara Simons, an adviser to the US election assistance commission and expert on electronic voting. “We need to have post-election ballot audits.” Simons is understood to have contributed analysis to the effort but declined to characterise the precise nature of her involvement.

More Desperate Democrats want Hillary Clinton to demand recount from the National Voting Rights Institute founder John Bonifaz and Professor Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan’s center for computer security and society are also urging Hillary Clinton to demand a recount. They feel “foreign interference” could have stole votes for Donald Trump. Really? Give me a break! There has been a number of incidences where people were trying to vote Trump/Pence and their votes were being switched to Clinton/Kaine. There has been no record of fraud happening against Clinton but only towards Trump. They are so desperate right now, they’re losing power and can’t stand it. Hillary has yet to comment on this, but we will stay on this so keep it locked at!

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