170% increase in police killings in one year2 minute read

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Another fatal shooting resulted in the death of San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi. Marconi was shot and killed from ambush as he conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle near the intersection of West Nueva Street and Santa Rosa Street at approximately 11:45 am.

Detective Marconi was sitting in his patrol car during the stop when an unrelated subject stopped his car behind Detective Marconi’s patrol car. The man walked up to the passenger side of Detective Marconi’s patrol car and shot Detective Marconi once in the head. The man then leaned into the patrol car and shot Detective Marconi a second time.

The subject fled in his vehicle and remains at large.

170% increase in police killings in one year
This is the 127th police officer shot and killed this year alone. In 2015 47 cops were killed, in 2016 already 127 cops have been killed. That’s a 170% increase of police shootings in just one year. This is absolutely tragic and disgusting. I understand few police officers may be rude or authoritarian like but that is absolutely no reason to kill someone let alone a police officer. This goes back to the article I wrote a while back about the riots that were happening in Charlotte. It has a lot to do with racial divide that the media, Obama and George Soros is pushing, also the hateful ideology that’s being spread. This is so unfortunate, police officers are human beings many with family and children they want to go home to. This has to stop…

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