Hypocritical media still ridicules Trump for using Twitter2 minute read

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Critics continue to ridicule President-elect Donald Trump for continuing to use Twitter to spread his message and talk to his supporters. But why? Twitter is a legitimate form of communication. They say it’s unprofessional and unpresidential, but President Obama tweets quite often as well but they don’t mind that. You know why? Because they agree with what Obama is saying, he’s a puppet who doesn’t speak for the people. A big part of why Donald Trump won the election is because he speaks his mind and says what we all are thinking. We’re tired of puppets. Another reason why Trump uses Twitter is because he obviously can’t depend on the mainstream media to report on what Trump is doing accurately, so he has to go directly to the people via Twitter.
Hypocritical media continues to ridicule Trump for using Twitter

But also one thing to realize is that the previous president was George W. Bush before Obama, and that was 2008, Twitter was invented in 2006 and didn’t start gaining popularity until 2008-2009. So the media is only able to compare Trump to Obama. The media seems to try and compare Donald Trump to all past presidents when you can only compare him to Obama, in which Obama tweets quite often. So did Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but they don’t like it because it’s Donald Trump and they don’t like what he’s saying because it’s the truth.

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