Here’s the truth about these “fake news” sites2 minute read

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Last week a left wing “safe space” promoter Merrimack College assistant professor Melissa Zimdars put out a list of ‘fake news sites” and how to avoid fake news…

On the list is sites like…

And many others that you can see here….

But I find this very funny and ironic because the mainstream dinosaur news has a 9% trust rate from the public because they put out FAKE NEWS. Remember when they reported that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction? Or when they said Donald Trump would never win? When they told you Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance to win the election, and that she is perfectly healthy. Then she passes out on 9/11 clearly on film and tells us “oh she didn’t pass out she just tripped.” I could go on and on…

Look at these examples..

But ultimately the only fake news that’s being pushed is by the mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX etc. Sites like, and are gaining momentum as they die off and their ratings are plummeting. The reason for this is because we bring you real news and aren’t paid by the people we’re reporting on. Prime example of this is CNN, the biggest pro-hillary news network is owned by Time Warner, which is one of the largest donors to Hillary Clinton. Through Wikileaks we found out numerous times that a lot of media outlets contacted Hillary Clinton’s campaign to get reports approved before publishing which you can see a few of those below..

Here's the truth about these "fake news" sitesHere's the truth about these "fake news" sites


So who really is the fake news? The mainstream media is rapidly dying off, so they try to create the false narrative that the growing independent media is fake, when they themselves are the ones pushing fake news. You can see through this crap, right?

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