CNN says Trump is more concerned with Hamilton play than protests | SERIOUSLY?2 minute read

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I was scrolling through the channels early this morning and for whatever reason I stopped on the dying CNN dinosaur news channel. I saw the headline “Trump protests turn violent” so I stayed there for a moment, I knew they would say something idiotic. And guess what, they did! After showing two “peaceful” protesters fighting, the commentator came on and said “Trump continues to tweet about the Hamilton play issue but hasn’t said a word about these protests since the 60 minutes interview”. Are you kidding me? All I could do is shake my head and laugh. I had to comment on this. You can tell the guy saying this didn’t even buy the crap he was spewing out.

CNN says Trump is more concerned with Hamilton play than protests | SERIOUSLY?

You want to know why President-elect Trump hasn’t talked about the “peaceful” protests? BECAUSE IT ISN’T HIS SUPPORTERS RIOTING! There’s a few things I want to point out about this…

1. Why isn’t the current president Barack Obama speaking out on these protests?

2. They’re Hillary Clinton supporters, why isn’t she speaking out?

3. If these are “peaceful” protests why do they need to stop? The media continues to refer to these protesters as “peaceful” when clearly they aren’t.

Donald Trump has absolutely NOTHING to do with these riots happening across America. He shouldn’t have even been asked if he condemns them in the 60 Minutes interview. Of course he does. What else can he do? These aren’t his supporters, they’re Hillary Clinton’s. Have you noticed Hillary come out and say “stop it”? No you haven’t. And she won’t. CNN needs to be asking “where is Hillary Clinton at?” “Why hasn’t she told them to stop this?” But you won’t see that. Most of these protesters are paid by George Soros and the other half don’t even know why they’re protesting. This is why the mainstream media is dying, and people are visiting alternative media and independent news sites like us.

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