Trump To Consider General Mattis For Secretary Of Defense4 minute read

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Trump To Consider General Mattis For Secretary Of Defense

On friday, Trump’s transition team announced  that General Mattis and President-Elect Donald Trump to meet Saturday Nov 19th. According to Bloomberg General Mattis is being considered along side with retired Army General Jack Keane. 

So Who Is General James “Mad DOG” Mattis?

  General Mattis retired in 2013 from the  UNITED STATES MARINE CORP, he led and commanded the Marines for 44 years. He has been in several Battles and Wars, his first war was the Gulf Warand the list just grew from there, War in Afghanistan2003 invasion of Iraq   First Battle of Fallujah   Second Battle of Fallujah.

General Mattis’ last command post was United States Central Command (USCENTCOM or CENTCOM), in Tampa FL, before he retired in 2013.

General Mattis, was and still is loved by many of his soldiers. He was known for his lack of political correctness and I don’t give a damn attitude. He was the king of one liners and knew how to rile up his troops for battle. His words embodied what he felt marines represent and stood for.

Here are a few General Mattis Quotes

General Mattis quotes



His quotes and sayings are not for the Faint Of Heart.

To get back on topic, General Mattis, became a house hold name among the Marines during the  2003 invasion of Iraq. He had a major role in commanding the Marine Invasion Forces. One of the ways he contributed was he changed the way that Marineused their  Light Armored Reconnaissance, (L A R) 


Before the change most of the LAR were unarmored, but General Mattis was going to change that, in his unorthodox manner, General Mattis was going to make sure that his Marines were fast and built for chaos and destruction. He would send the LAR units far past the invasion forces and deep behind enemy lines, so they could wreak havoc and disrupt and dismantle. Mattis was quoted in saying that this unit was designed to “Be fast and cause havoc, and that is what Marines do”. General Mattis is going to always be known as the most iconic Marine General of our era,

General Mattis who is now 66 years of age and is a great candidate for Secretary Of Defense, has to face some obstacles in order to get that position. The main thing is that he would need a waiver from Congress to take the position, since it is required for a military officer to have been off active duty for at least 7 years in order to accept any position. Mattis who retired in 2013 has only been off for 3 years, but there is always a loop hole folks. So with that being said, I think this would be a great fit in Trump’s roster. This pick shows me a lot about Donald Trump’s Character. It shows that he cares for the saftey and security of The United States Of America by electing a man who fought for this country almost all his life and will keep fighting to protect this country no matter what till the day he dies. Trump knows he is making the right choice by electing a General that swore to protect his country from all terror Foreign and Domestic. That is why General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has my vote for Secretary Of Defense.

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