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So far President-Elect Donald Trump has made 4 official selections for his cabinet. A lot of rumors are swirling about other people for other positions but these are the official selections that have been confirmed. So who is Trump’s cabinet selections so far? Let’s take a look…

 Stephen Bannon as chief strategist
Stephen Bannon, chief strategist

I really like Bannon, he is a patriot who is a defender of our Constitution. He is a big reason why Donald Trump won the election. He also is a owner of a great free speech news site.

Rolls of chief strategist..

-Supervises White House Staff

-Helps president strategize and execute

-Gatekeeper for president

-Right hand for president

Gen. Mike Flynn as national security adviser

Gen. Mike Flynn, national security adviser

I absolutely love Flynn, he is a true patriot who loves this country. Throughout the election Flynn was a key advisor to Trump. I love to see him get a great position.

Main roll of national security adviser..

-Advices president on national security

“I am pleased that Lieutenant General Michael Flynn will be by my side as we work to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, navigate geopolitical challenges and keep Americans safe at home and abroad,” said President-elect Trump. “General Flynn is one of the country’s foremost experts on military and intelligence matters and he will be an invaluable asset to me and my administration.”

“I am deeply humbled and honored to accept the position as National Security Advisor to serve both our country and our nation’s next President, Donald J. Trump,” said Lieutenant General Flynn.

Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general
Sen. Jeff Sessions, attorney general

I was hoping to see Trey Gowdy taking the attorney general position, but it has gone to Jeff Sessions. He is a hard-nosed Republic who I have great confidence in who will uphold our Constitution and laws. It’s important to note that Sessions was an early supporter of Trump, and has been vocal about seeing Hillary Clinton brought to justice.

Main roll of attorney general..

-Represent the United States in legal matters

-Assist the president in legal terms

“It is an honor to nominate U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as Attorney General of the United States,” said President-elect Trump. “Jeff has been a highly respected member of the U.S. Senate for 20 years. He is a world-class legal mind and considered a truly great Attorney General and U.S. Attorney in the state of Alabama. Jeff is greatly admired by legal scholars and virtually everyone who knows him.”

“I am humbled to have been asked by President-elect Trump to serve as Attorney General of the United States,” said U.S. Senator Sessions. “My previous 15 years working in the Department of Justice were extraordinarily fulfilling. I love the Department, its people and its mission. I can think of no greater honor than to lead them. With the support of my Senate colleagues, I will give all my strength to advance the Department’s highest ideals. I enthusiastically embrace President-elect Trump’s vision for ‘one America,’ and his commitment to equal justice under law. I look forward to fulfilling my duties with an unwavering dedication to fairness and impartiality.”

Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff
Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff

I don’t know much about Priebus other than he is a true republican and he didn’t seem to help Trump through the election. But I trust our new president.

Duties of chief of staff..

-Oversees the Executive Office of the President

-Responsible for a variety of critical functions in support of the president’s work and agenda

“Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory. Now I will have them both with me in the White House as we work to make America great again,” Trump said in the release.

Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Congressman Mike Pompeo, representing Kansas’ Fourth Congressional District, is a former active duty cavalry officer in the U.S. Army, graduated first in his class from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. He currently serves on the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees America’s intelligence-gathering efforts.

Duties of director of CIA..

-Collecting intelligence through human sources and by other appropriate means, except that he shall have no police, subpoena, or law enforcement powers or internal security functions.

-Correlating and evaluating intelligence related to the national security and providing appropriate dissemination of such intelligence.

-Performing such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the President or the Director of National Intelligence may direct.

“I am proud to nominate Congressman Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” said President-elect Trump. “He has served our country with honor and spent his life fighting for the security of our citizens. Mike graduated number one in his class at West Point and is a graduate of Harvard Law School where he served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review. He will be a brilliant and unrelenting leader for our intelligence community to ensure the safety of Americans and our allies.”

“I am honored to have been given this opportunity to serve and to work alongside President-elect Donald J. Trump to keep America safe. I also look forward to working with America’s intelligence warriors, who do so much to protect Americans each and every day,” said Congressman Pompeo.

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