Hillary Clinton is very depressed since loss: “I never want to leave the house again”1 minute read

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Wednesday: Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton spoke for the first time since her concession speech last week. In a speech at a fundraiser for Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beat The Odds” Gala on Wednesday night Hillary Clinton admitted she is very depressed after losing her second election, first to Barack Obama in 2008, and again to Donald Trump just last week. In her speech, which you can see a clip below, she looks really bad. You can tell Hillary is really struggling. She deserves the loss, the depression and the unhappiness, she is a very terrible person.

“I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” Clinton said. “There have been a few times this past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.”

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