Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy’s time up?4 minute read

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There’s nothing worse than your team losing to a mediocre team, then having to talk about it in a recap article. I’m disappointed to say the least. The Titans have a good team, but we’re the Green Bay Packers. We have one of the best quarterbacks in the league today, why the HELL are we 4-5? Obviously we are stacked with injuries and missing key players, but there is no excuse for the way we are playing. Missing tackles, Rodgers over throwing wide open receivers, turning over the football, it’s unacceptable. This won’t be a whole lot about the blowout loss to the Titans on Sunday but rather assessing where we are and what in my opinion should happen.

Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy's time up?

Is Mike McCarthy’s time up in Green Bay?

McCarthy’s a “highly successful coach”, those are his own words in a press conference earlier today. I agree with that, his career record is 108-58-1, with 1 superbowl victory, that’s impressive. But it’s very apparent that there is some sort of rift happening in Green Bay. McCarthy seems to not be on the same page with his team. There is no passion in the players, or in the coaching staff. A lot of Packers fans are calling for Mike McCarthy’s job, now McCarthy has a contract through 2018, and it’s not like the Packers to fire a coach, or make trades, or cut players even if they deserve it. So I don’t think McCarthy is going anywhere. But I want to see more passion from McCarthy. Just one name that I’d like to throw out for a possible replacement for McCarthy is current Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. He is an absolutely brilliant offensive mind, just imagine what he could do with our offense…

I do expect major firings after this season.

Mike McCarthy isn’t going anywhere at the end of the season, even if we miss the playoffs. But I do think there will be some major remodeling in our coaching staff. Here is who I think is on the hot seat…

Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy's time up?
Mark Lovat – Strength & Conditioning

Lovat has been with the Packers for 18 years, and been the head of strength and conditioning since 2010. The Packers have been plagued with injuries for a very long time. It may be bad luck, but in the NFL the blame always goes to the coaches. And Lovat should take much of the blame for the many many injuries year in and year out.

Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy's time up?
Ron Zook – Special Teams

Zook was just promoted last year to the special teams coach, but he has yet to impress with his performance. It seems the Packers haven’t had an explosive special teams unit for a while now.

Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy's time up?
James Campen – Offensive Line

Campen has been the Packers offensive line coach since 2007. It’s time for a change. We’ve had such talent on our offensive line, but it never seems to translate onto the field.

Packers vs Titans Recap | Is McCarthy's time up?
Dom Capers – Defense

This is a tough one for me but it’s honestly time for a change. Many Packers fans have wanted Capers gone for some time now. We are so talented on defense, but again we ALWAYS come up short, and always seem to fall apart at the worst times.

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