The N.F.L. THE NO FUN LEAGUE Part 13 minute read

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The NFL has a ratings problem. Monday Night Football is down 24% from last year at this time, Sunday Night Football is down 19% and Thursday night is down 18%. The NFL has taken a big hit over the past few years in ratings. They are a the results of rule changes and ridiculous penalties and most recently politics.



Polls show ratings have been dropping for sometime now.



.politics and national events have also played a role in The NFL Ratings Drop.

There are series of events that have accumulated  to the drop in the ratings for the NFL.  This is a two part article and this part of the article will go into depth on how Rule changes and Penalties have a role in the ratings drop.

Penalties are becoming more and more abundant every game and some are so ridiculous that it is taking the fun out of the league completely.






In the offseason, the NFL adjusted the rulebook so that a pair of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties — including excessive celebrations and taunts — would result in an ejection. That means that not only could the game be tremendously affected by the 15-yard penalty, but a team could lose an important player because he celebrated inappropriately twice. So NFL officials need to stop throwing potentially game-altering flags for inconsequential celebrations and taunts. In 2015, there were 22 taunting penalties and 24 in 2014. The first four weeks of the 2016 season,  there was 13 taunting penalties,officials are being more strict than ever. This is having a big effect on the game of football. Big Impacts Players such as Cam Newton and Richard Sherman, have been quoted in saying that the playing in the NFL is not fun anymore, 50% of the NFL Fans say that the NFL has lost its luster and is becoming boring to watch due to all these penalties and rule changes implemented by the Commissioner aka The King, Roger Goodell. One of the main rule change that effects the game is the hits, especially hits on Quarter Backs, The Quarter Back position is so protected that a defensive player can fall and just brush the leg of the Quarter Back and its a automatic flag, its just making Quarter Backs more and more soft. Soon we are going to be watching flag football instead of tackle football if the current trend continues,the state of the NFL is in jeopardy with all these changes and soon there will be no league to watch, because players will not play and will holdout, and fans will boycott. So we need something to change , as a lifelong NFL fan I am upset in what I see in the horizon if things don’t change, and that change starts with Roger Goodell.











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