Will Trump continue rallies as President?2 minute read

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One of the reasons Donald Trump won this election in my opinion is because of his massive rallies all across the United States. Trump had absolutely MASSIVE rally turn outs in states that Republicans don’t normally actively campaign, pulling crowds of 10,000 and sometimes even 25,000. Now that the election is over and Donald Trump has won, some are wondering if he may continue to hold rallies across America to spread his word. Now we know that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to report the truth on what is really going on in Washington, so Trump may use rallies to communicate to the public.

Will Trump continue rallies as President?
There was a rumor coming out of the New York Times last week that some advisors in the Trump campaign shared that Donald Trump is considering continuing his rallies. Now there hasn’t been any official word from President-elect Donald Trump but I think it is a real possibility. No other president continued to hold rallies after the election while he was in his term. But that means nothing, Donald Trump has shown us that he is not like any other president. So we will see if he chooses to continue his rallies. Will Trump continue rallies as President?

Authors edit: I’m seeing people criticize Donald Trump for possibly continuing his rallies while in office because of what Trump said about President Obama campaigning for Hillary Clinton saying this…

“Why isn’t President Obama working instead of campaigning for Hillary Clinton?”

Now I can see why some may think this is hypocritical, but what you have to realize is that Trump holding rallies while president is much different than Obama actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton while still in office. Rallies would be to bring people together, which we desperately need, Obama campaigning for a candidate multiple times a week is plain ridiculous. One of the rolls of the president is to bring people together (rallies) not get your friend into office (campaigning).


I think he should, what about you?

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