Obama finally condemns Anti-Trump riots: “they need to recognize that’s how democracy works”2 minute read

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Earlier today current president Barack Obama held his first press conference since Donald Trump won the election. You can definitely tell that Obama is trying to back peddle now that Trump has won. Remember this is the same Obama who ridiculed Trump saying things like “Mr. Trump needs to stop whining”, “at least I will go down as a president”, “I still believe that Mr. Trump will not be president” during the election. Now he seems to have changed his tone saying he will make this transition as smooth at possible, and help Donald anyway he can. But a lot of people have been saying that Obama needs to come out and condemn these violent Anti-Trump protests happening around America. Well it took him a while, he was to busy tweeting about the Cubs and golfing I guess but he finally did saying this.

“The poeple have spoken, and Donald Trump is our next president.” Obama then went on to say “those who didn’t vote for him, need to recognize that that’s how our democracy works, and that elections really do matter.”

Below is a clip of Obama’s press conference….

Now seeing as how these rioters are Hillary Clinton supporters, when will she come out and condemn them?

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