A Letter to the Trump Protesters & Aaron Sorkin5 minute read

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Dear Anti-Trump protesters, haters & Aaron Sorkin,

I am writing this letter in response to the all the Anti-Trump protesters and to Aaron Sorkin personally. I am an avid Donald Trump supporter. That is something I’ve been spending a lot of time writing about. Throughout the primary election I tried to expose the lies and false narratives the mainstream media was pushing and shed light on who Hillary Clinton really is. I think I did a pretty damn good job. I’ve reached hundreds of people through my writing and woke those people up with truth and facts. But apparently you Mr. Sorkin don’t read my articles, nor does your friends protesting President-elect Donald Trump. That’s unfortunate, I would love to debate you on this topic Mr. Sorkin, I’ve debated numerous “Never Trump” people over the past year. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or face to face, it never fails, these people always have the same talking points. These talking points are very easily shot down with actual logic and facts. So I’m going to use this same tactic with you Mr. Sorkin, and hopefully your friends protesting around America will read this and wake up.

A Letter to the Trump Protesters & Aaron Sorkin

I read your letter to your daughter and wife Mr. Sorkin. Quite frankly it was very hard to read. For the simple fact it’s geared towards your daughter & wife, people who know nothing more than what YOU tell them, or what the news tells them. It’s sad. Now I don’t know you or your family, but from what you say in your letter it seems you have pushed your family into believing the false narratives the media pushes. I’ve never heard of you Mr. Sorkin, never watched any of your shows or movies. A friend of mine showed me your letter. I couldn’t sit by and let you say those things. What I found funny is that you talk about Trump like he’s a big egomaniac. But yet you yourself write a PUBLIC letter to your family, for what? You could have easily talked to your family privately or sent your little letter directly to them. Instead you put it up for everyone to see, why would you do that? Maybe because you wanted to be in the news. You wanted the publicity for your EGO! But wait, didn’t you bash Donald Trump for being egotistical? I’m a little confused.

Now to you Anti-Trump protesters. First off let me say this. We won, you lost. Get over it. You need to get over it. You have nothing better to do then to riot? I am for protesting, it is your right as an American. But these people aren’t just protesting. They’re burning flags and causing chaos. Protesting is what Martin Luther King Jr. did. For an actual cause. MLK shouldn’t even be mentioned along with you people. You people are absolutely ignorant and sad. You guys are marching and causes all this chaos for what? Because Donald Trump won fare and square? I am not a fan of Barack Obama, and never have been. But did I throw a fit when he won? No. Because he won the election. He at least deserved a chance to do what he promised (which Obama didn’t), a chance at running our country. For those of you saying Donald Trump is a racist. Can you please give me an actual example of how Trump is racist? None of you seem to be able to. BECAUSE THERE IS NO EXAMPLE! The only thing you have is the “Trump called all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers” media talking point. This is simply false. Just look up the actual quote. Your candidate is an evil person. Hillary Clinton lost because she is a terrible person not because she is a woman.


One of the Hillary Clinton campaign slogans was “Love Trumps Hate”, I’m still seeing those signs at the Trump protests. Which doesn’t make much sense, you’re saying Trump spreads hate but yet you yourself are spreading hate by protesting violently and hating Trump. How does that work? One more thing I want to point out. All of you protesters who are saying “Not my president!” Can you please leave the country? You obviously don’t respect our country, and our democracy. And when Donald Trump delivers huge tax cuts which I’d say 90% of you are in that tax bracket, can you not accept that money you’ll be saving, and make sure you don’t get any of the millions of jobs he’ll be producing as well.

Sincerely, Nicolas Bowling

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