Obama will try to leave America in the worst shape possible before handing over to President Trump2 minute read

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It’s very obvious that current president Barack Obama doesn’t care to much for president-elect Donald Trump. Obama is very sour that his ‘home girl’, who he spent countless hours and tax payer dollars flying around the country campaigning for Hillary Clinton has lost. Not only has Obama been vocal about how he doesn’t feel Trump should be president and ‘isn’t fit’. But also going back to his first term, when Donald Trump hopped on the ‘birther’ controversy, WHICH HILLARY CLINTON STARTED! But mainly Obama doesn’t care for Donald Trump because Trump is a true patriot and a real man. Obama has been one of the if not the worst president of our time. His policies and tactics have set our country back decades, especially in racial division. Obama also knows that Trump is going to repeal and replace his precious failing Obama care as well as other bills he’s created.

But now that Donald Trump has won the 2016 election you better believe Obama will try everything in his power to leave America in the worst shape possible when turning over the power to Donald Trump. Why would they do this? It’s obvious. If they leave a scorched earth mess for Trump to clean up he won’t be able to focus on the real issues like immigration, ISIS and jobs. They would love to be able to say ‘see i told you so!’ ‘Trump hasn’t done anything good!’. We need to be behind president Trump 100%. And we also need to watch what the establishment and Obama does in the next few months he has left.

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