Donald Trump wins the election, he is our 45th president | Now what?1 minute read

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I’m still in shock that we actually did it, we made it. Through all the dirty tricks and lies and dishonestly from Hillary Clinton and the mainstream dinosaur media. We won. The American people spoke, and we want Donald Trump. We want someone in the Whitehouse that will look out for us, not the banksters, Wallstreet thugs. But now that the election is over and the right person for the job was selected, what now? Trump laid out his first 100 day action play a few weeks ago. So we’re going to take a look at President Donald Trump’s first 100 day action plan.

Donald Trump 100 day plan
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Now along the campaign trail Trump has made a number of promises to us, his supporters that he has to keep now that he’s won. Here’s are some of the promises Trump made to us throughout the campaign trail…

  • Appoint special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s emails and other scandals.
  • Build the wall.
  • Suspend Sanctuary cities.
  • Repeal and replace Obama care.

Trump made quite a few promises along the way and I’m confident that he will deliver. It will take some time as I think Obama is going to try and leave a complete mess for Trump. But I think he will deliver on his promises.

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