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With a surprise in the stocks today after the big 800 point drop last night had people feeling uneasy about TRUMP’S big win in the election. The stocks finished at a high Wednesday, with a surge in financial, health-care and industrial stocks, as investors look forward to President -elect Donald Trump, to increase spending on infrastructure. Throughout the night the stocks stayed somewhat steady, but as a victory for President-Elect Donald Trump was becoming a reality, the futures stock took a sharp drop and this started to rattle the market world wide. The futures stock was down more than 800 points before the election ended , and by 2 in the morning the stock where halted for the day. This had stock investors and wall street and the world worried as well. The talk was that when opening bell was rung that the stocks would continue to fall and there would be a epic collapse, but that was not the case, for most part of the morning on Wednesday the market was holding pretty steady, but as the day went on the shock factor started to set in on everybody. The market was rising fast and was forecast to set a record market that we have not seen since 1980, the stocks did finish high with the Dow at 18,589.69 (+256.69), S&P500 : 2,163.26 (+23.70), Nasdaq100: 4,825.184 (+20.264) . The market has not been this high since August and I’m sure Stocktrades.ca have something to say about it! Hopefully this is a sign for good things to come for the U.S Market and the Global Market. So Keep it here for your daily Market Watch and News.


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