Trump WINS in historic landslide | We did it2 minute read

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Folks as I’m writing this it’s just after 2 AM. The board has been frozen at 266-218 for Trump. It is over, Hillary Clinton has no way of catching up. Donald Trump is our new president! Its only a matter of time now before they call those other states like Michigan, Wisconsin and other states that are all red. But I’m calling it. Donald Trump has won, and is our 45th president.

I was at work for most of the day, had my phone on auto refresh checking every 30 seconds. In the beginning Hillary looked to have taken Florida early. But my home state Florida quickly turned red, then back to blue, then back to red. It then stayed red for a while. Then it came in that Donald Trump officially won Florida. And then it was announced that Trump also won Texas. At that time I knew Donald Trump would win this election. With those to huge states Trump got 67 electoral votes.

Trump WINS in historic landslide | We did it

As the night went on confidence grew for myself and all Trump supporters around the world. Even with all the mainstream media rigging polls, rigging coverage, fabricating stories about Donald Trump, the vote flipping in some key states that were reported, and illegals being able to vote, we overcame it all. We fought the rigged system and won!

A lot more articles to come in the next 24-48 hours right here at Real NSE!

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