HAS AN AGENDA BEEN SET?2 minute read

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For the past months, we have been seeing and hearing from both candidates, about how they are better than the other. Honestly the commercials that get played back to back are very annoying. Lets put all that aside  because right now we have the biggest election in this countries’ history about to happen in less than 24 hours. This election has been a roller coaster of allegations,  from recorded crude remarks to deleted emails, but lets look at the big picture we have a candidate that thinks they are above the law and can manipulate their way into the White house. I am talking about Hillary Clinton, Hilary has the mainstream media in her back pocket. What a lot of people fail to realize is that The New World order is trying to take over and they have their puppet ready to take the seat in Hillary Clinton. Just look the writing is on the wall,The FBI Director James Comey was forced and threatened to reprieve Hillary from her corruption, because it will get in the way of the agenda.  The naive will say this is a historic event, and not realize that our Great Country is about to face Civil Unrest. Now the NewsWeek stands are displaying a magazine that implies that there is an Agenda that is set and they are trying to make it known that their candidate will win. We have a Chance to make this Country Great and vote for someone who is not controlled by the government. So lets go out and Make this Country Great Again.



The Agenda is being set. The Face of Lies and Corruption
The Agenda is being set.
The Face of Lies and Corruption
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