Wikileaks: Absolute proof the Democrats are rigging polls1 minute read

Here’s your proof.

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This is something that we with no blindfolds have seen for a while now. It’s pretty easy to see at the bottom of these “polls” by CNN, ABC ETC they’re sampling  10-15% and sometimes double the amount of Democrats than Republicans. That is what Donald Trump means when he says this election is “rigged”. He is absolutely correct.

The media wants Clinton in the White House, so they create the false pretence that Hillary is way ahead and that Trump can’t win. This simply isn’t true. Trump is actually ahead if not tied in the recent polls. But now we have a hacked email from a Democrat pollster asking to “over sample” in polls to get the advantage in the media. That email is above via Wikileaks…..

As you can see Tom Matzzie clearly asks for rigged polls. He’s even been on Twitter doing major damage control. Very pathetic….

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