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Empire is in my top 5 TV shows that are currently on TV. Every Wednesday I look forward to watching it. The show has fantastic writing and character development. And I love hip hop music and am a DJ, so it fits my niche perfectly. I also love Terrance Howard as an actor. But unfortunately this season the show has been playing into the whole “Black Lives Matter” hype, and demonizing white people by panting all white people in the show as evil racists



The first episode when Jamal was trying to perform for the first time since being shot last season by Freda. The song was about staying strong and all that, but the point is about half way through the images on the background playing on the wall during the performance I noticed a big “Black Lives Matter” sign pop up. I was annoyed when I saw this. You guys know how I feel about the hateful group Black Lives Matter. But I let it slide, thinking it may just be a one time thing.


Fast-forward to episode 2. Near the end of the episode Andre is going to his old home to pick up a few things. When two cops pull up behind him while he’s putting things into the back of his SUV. Of course, it’s a evil racist white cop. He asks Andre what’s he doing and ends the question with an arrogant “Yo”. After they exchange some words the cop keeps being an asshole for so reason. Then the cop slams Andre to the ground and roughs him up a bit and yells “STOP RESISTING!” when he clearly isn’t.


Now in episode 3 Andre is summoned to court for the incident. And what do you know, it’s an evil WHITE racist judge. Andre explains what happened and said he is innocent. The judge being so evil and racist she says “WELL WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT! THAT’S WHAT A JURY IS FOR!“. But that’s not all folks… Andre turns to his lawyer when leaving the court house and asks what they’re going to do. And yup you guessed it! His lawyer is white and tells him we need to take a plea, because the jury won’t see what really happened because they’re all going be racist too!

You see what I’m getting at here? This is ridiculous. I can’t even watch and enjoy ones of my favorite shows without seeing racial division being pushed. This whole season will be the same I fear. I’ve just decided to boycott the entire show. But let me be very clear. I understand there is racism in this country, that will never go away. But as we live right now in late 2016 racism isn’t a big issue. I’ve been very vocal about this whole Black Lives Matter thing and how I think it is a hateful group. If they were just showing support for the BLM group, I could see past that but when you try and demonize and paint all white people are racist, that’s when I have to say no.


At the end of the day more black people are killed by other black people than by the cops. So black lives only matter only when killed by an evil white person?

  • According to FBI studies, Blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by cops.
  • Black Lives Matter insight violence towards not only white people but also towards cops of all races.
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