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Donald Trump is fighting not only the Democrats, some Republicans and Hillary Clinton but also the very biased media. They’re now pushing yet another false narrative that Donald Trump is a rapist. A number of woman have jumped on the Trump Train, but not in a good way. Since Donald Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton and called out Bill Clinton for his rape and misconduct with woman at the second debate, they have since made up allegations towards Trump in hopes it will cost him the election. But luckily for us, 95% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media and see through this false narrative. Let’s look at some of these allegations a bit deeper.


The biggest allegation towards Donald Trump is a rape lawsuit filed against him by “Jane Doe“. Now it’s important to note that there was a similar case that was thrown out by the judge in May 2nd of this year very similar to this case. Here is some more information on the lawsuit…

A federal lawsuit filed in New York accuses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old girl more than 20 years ago, at several Upper East Side parties hosted by convicted sex offender and notorious billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein.

The suit, first reported by the Real Deal, accuses Trump and Epstein of luring the anonymous plaintiff and other young women to four parties at Epstein’s so-called Wexner Mansion at 9 East 71st Street. Epstein allegedly lured the plaintiff, identified in the suit only as Jane Doe, with promises of a modeling career and cash.

Another anonymous woman, identified in additional testimony as Tiffany Doe, corroborates Jane’s allegations, testifying that she met Epstein at Port Authority, where he hired her to recruit other young girls for his parties. Trump had known Epstein for seven years in 1994 when he attended the parties at Wexner, according to the suit. He also allegedly knew that the plaintiff was 13 years old.

Jane Doe filed a similar suit in California in April, under the name Katie Johnson, also accusing Trump and Epstein of rape. That suit was dismissed on the grounds of improper paperwork — the address affiliated with her name was found to be abandoned. Today’.s suit confirms that the plaintiffs are one and the same.

Now Jeffery Epstein is a convicted sexual predator and is a known sicko. He served 13 months in jail and is a registered sex offender.

There is so much wrong with this lawsuit…

  • Why would you wait over 20 years to come forward?
  • The first lawsuit was thrown out due to “paperwork mishandling”.
  • She’s trying to get 100 million dollars.
  • She hasn’t came forward, it’s filed under “Jane Doe”..
  • I find it funny that the “Trump Tapes” were released right after Donald Trump slammed Bill Clinton for his rape and misconduct with woman at the 2nd debate.
  • The case is conveniently scheduled for December 16, 2016. AFTER THE ELECTION IS OVER! Very obvious this is being used to try and ruin Trump’s presidential run.


Summer Zervos is the most obvious of the accusers. She was a contestant on “The Apprentice” season 5 in 2006. She claims that Donald Trump first sexually assaulted her in 2007 after the show in his office. But that’s not all. She then said in a later incident, she met with Donald Trump in Los Angeles in a hotel room about a “job offer”.

“He then asked me to sit next to him. I complied. He then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast,” said Zervos.

Really? Ok so first off why would you go to his hotel room after he tried to “kiss” you against your will? Secondly why is it that Summer praised Donald Trump just this past April in an email she wrote to the campaign?


Also her cousin came out and had this to say..

“I think Summer wishes she could still be on reality TV, and in an effort to get that back she’s saying all of these negative things about Mr. Trump. That’s not how she talked about him before. I can only imagine that Summer’s actions today are nothing more than an attempt to regain the spotlight at Mr. Trump’s expense, and I don’t think it reflects well.” said Barry.



Cathy Heller claims that Donald Trump also sexually assaulted her, but there’s more to the story. Let’s look a bit deeper at who Cathy Heller really is….


  • She is a longtime democrat.
  • Her voter registration (above) clearly shows that Cathy is a longtime registered democrat and voted earlier this year.
  • Her husband and son own a real estate company and is a direct competitor to Donald Trump’s real estate company. Both located in New York. THE Heller Organization

But that’s not all. Their is a DIRECT link to Hillary Clinton.

The Guardian, the website that broke Heller’s story goes onto admit that Cathy Heller has donated the maximum amount to Hillary Clintons campaign this year.

Now let’s take a look at what Heller is accusing Donald Trump of… Cathy Heller claims that 20 years ago Heller met Donald Trump at a fundraiser. When Trump greeted her, she went to shake his hand and he wouldn’t let go, then pulled her closer and kissed her on the side of her mouth…

“He took my hand, and grabbed me, and went for the lips,” she told The Guardian

“And he said, ‘Oh, come on.’ He was strong. And he grabbed me and went for my mouth and went for my lips,” she said.

Anybody with some brain cells can see that this is a very clear ploy to distract the American voters from the real issues facing this country such as terrorism, economy, illegal immigration. Issues that Donald Trump has great plans to fix. Let’s face it Hillary Clinton has no real policies that will help the American people, so her and her camp have to find decade old words Trump has said or invent bogus allegations. Let’s not forget Bill Clinton has settled rape cases and Hillary covered it all up and threatened the woman.

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