What George Soros and Black Lives Matter doesn’t want you to see about the riots in Charlotte.5 minute read

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I’ve been debating whether or not to do an article on this topic. But in my latest podcast I let it all loose. I talked about the Colin Kaepernick situation, which lead into the controversial Black Lives Matter topic. Since that podcast has done well, I decided to make a detailed article about the hateful Black Lives Matter in spite of the recent riots in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why are they rioting in Charlotte?

The riots in North Carolina were triggered when a BLACK police officer shot and killed an ARMED black man by the name of Keith Lamont Scott. He is a known criminal, who when asked to put the weapon down and get on the ground, he did not comply. The officers had to take him down. People were speculating early that the man was unarmed, and reading a book. This is false. He did have a gun and did not comply with the officers. In the video that was recently released, you can hear his wife pleading with Keith to “please don’t do it”, pleading with him to comply. Also in the video she was saying “he doesn’t have a gun” yet later she tells him not to do it (pull the gun). You can watch that video above…

Honestly it’s very sad what is happening, not only in Charlotte but all over the United States. Rioters are literally killing and brutally beating random people, setting fires, breaking into and robbing businesses. Now how the hell is destroying a city helping anything? You’re protesting and mad that a “unarmed” (which is false) black man was killed so you burn down a city that’s 50% black, and shoot other black people? The brother of Keith Scott was asked about the situation and he replied “just know that all white cops are devils, and white people too“. Mind you it was a black cop who shot his brother.

What George Soros and Black Lives Matter doesn't want you to see about the riots in Charlotte.
Now you probably don’t know who George Soros even is, but I’ll explain (and I suggest you do your own research on him). He’s a Hungarian-American business man with an estimated net worth of 24.9 billion dollars. He’s an evil genius. He hates freedom and wants a one world government and be has the money to do it. But what does it have to do with Black Lives Matter? He has been bank rolling the Black Lives Matter hate group for sometime now. Many of the leaders of BLM live in homes paid for by Soros. It’s now coming out that 70% of the people arrested in the riots in Charlotte have out of state ID’s. Who do you think is paying for their travel cost and hotels? And I want to point out something, it’s actually a felony to cross state lines to incite a riot under law 18 U.S. Code § 2101.

Another important thing to point out about George Soros is he worked with the Nazi’s in Germany to take homes from Jews. He says “it was the happiest time of my life“.

Why is George Soros giving millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter?

It’s simple, to create racial division in America. He does this because he hates America. And with all the new stuff coming out every week with the email scandals from the FBI investigation, a race war is the perfect distraction. A distraction from Hillary Clinton’s failing health, speaking of which when was the last time you saw the media talk about Hilary’s health? You’re not seeing the devastating video of Hillary Clinton passing out anymore. It’s all eyes on the “peaceful protesters” in NC. Soros, a globalist just like Hillary, wants her to be in the white house. So what does he do to help her win this election? He creates racial division in the country, and you sell that Hillary Clinton has “all the answers” to fix the problems in the black community. When in reality she is the one pushing it all. Don’t believe it? Leaked memos from George Soros confirm that he took part in the huge riots in Baltimore, and confirms that he also has been paying them. George Soros is banned from Russia for his corrupt practices.

Hillary Clinton recently blamed white people for all the problems going on in the black community. I was shocked when I saw this… Because the black community is in one of the worst lows of all time because of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George Soros. So they caused the problem and are now not only not owning up to it, but now trying to sell you that only they have the power to fix it. Absolutely ridiculous.

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