URGENT: Voters reporting voting machines SWITCHING Votes1 minute read

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This is already starting to happen in states that have early voting. One woman in Amarillo, Texas reported on her Facebook that she voted Republican, and when she was going to click submit she noticed “Clinton/Kaine” was selected. She was unable to correct it and had to get help from TWO different voting reps. She had this to say on her Facebook….

URGENT: Voters reporting voting machines SWITCHING Votes

This has been reported numerous times in different locations, but also in past elections. We knew they would do this. But we have to fight it! It’s ABSOLUTELY imperative that we do the following not only those of you early voting but also on November 8th….

  • Triple check your vote BEFORE submitting.
  • Take a video or picture of your selection either way. 
  • Ask for a paper record of your vote.
  • If the machine changes, seek assistance. If you record your machine changing your vote REPORT IT TO MEDIA OUTLETS WITH PROOF!
  • Wear RED so the media cameras cannot deny the Trump voter turn out.


I personally do not take part in early voting. Call me paranoid but I feel with early voting it gives then more time to manipulate your vote.

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