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UFC 200 was said to be “one of the biggest moments in sports history”. I get that it’s a mile stone and the way the card was put together it should have been. But it wasn’t that great if I’m being honest. Don’t get me wrong it was worth the watch and if it was I don’t know UFC 201 for example it would have been great. Anyway enough of that here is what you want, my UFC 200 Results And Recap.


Cain Velasquez defeats Travis Browne at UFC 200
Cain Velasquez delivering blows to Travis Browne at UFC 200

Cain Velasquez TKO’s Travis Browne

Browne looked very uncomfortable in this fight. It may have been that it only lasted 1 round and he wasn’t able to find his rhythm. Cain on the other hand looked really good, he even threw a round house kick. Something we never see from the big heavyweight. Overall it was a quick fight, I would have liked to see a second round but the referee saw enough when Browne was turtling up in the corner. I’m curious to see where Cain goes from here, maybe another Heavyweight belt is in his future.

Jose Aldo defeats Frankie Edgar at UFC 200
Jose Aldo delivers a hard left hand to Frankie Edgar

Jose Aldo picks apart Frankie Edgar to win the interim title

Frankie Edgar is a great fighter and one of my favorites. But this was ugly for him. Aldo picked him apart piece by piece. After the fight Jose Aldo straight up pointed at Connor McGregor and said “I have one goal and it’s to beat this guy”. That will be a great rematch fight.

Daniel Cormier defeats Anderson Silva
Daniel Cormier takes Anderson Silva to the ground

Daniel Cormier defeats Anderson Silva

This was a disappointing fight to be honest. It was like Silva just wanted to get back in the octagon again, and Cormier just wanted to not get embarrassed and just get paid. Nothing in this fight was impressive. In fact Cormier even said “I did what I had to do” which was lay on top of Silva to win. However I do have a lot of respect for both of them taking the fight on such short notice.

Brock Lesnar defeats Mark Hunt at UFC 200
Brock Lesnar laying some ground and pound on Mark Hunt

Brock Lesnar Wins Unanimous Decision Over Mark Hunt

Talk about nervous, I’m talking about me not Brock. I was nervous for Brock. I really wanted him to win this fight. Not only because I’m a big Lesnar fan, not only to silence the haters, but because of what it represented to him. He fought though hell with all of his illnesses. Hunt is so dangerous on his feet. Brock looked nothing short of amazing in the first round. He gassed just a bit after but he stood up with Hunt and had some really really nice take downs and fantastic ground and pound. I’m really curious to see where Brock goes from here as far as his UFC career. I hope he continues to fight. Either way you can tell he was very pleased with his performance and proved to himself and everyone he can beat a top 10 heavyweight fighter in the UFC. In his post fight interview with Joe Rogan you can tell he has a whole new look on life after all he’s been through.

Miesha Tate loses to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200
Amanda Nunes raining shots down on Miesha Tate

Amanda Nunes destroys Miesha Taste for the Woman’s Bantamweight belt

The fight just finished as I’m writing this and I’m just in shock. Not that Tate lost but how she lost. It was painful to watch, and I’m not even a big Tate fan. She got absolutely DESTROYED by Nunes. There was one point in the fight that I know I was probably the only one that noticed something so small but Tate backed up after taking shots from Nunes and did the hair tucking behind the ear thing. Like when you have long hair and is in your face so you tuck it being your ear, but there was no hair in her face, it’s braided! The reason why I mention this is beside it was almost like Tate didn’t know what the hell was going on and the hair tuck is something she is so use to doing. Tate really underestimated Nunes and you could tell. This Nunes chick is for real.


More pictures from UFC 200 Tate vs. Nunes

Miesha Tate loses to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 pictures Miesha Tate loses to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 pictures Miesha Tate loses to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 pictures

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