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I did an emergency video yesterday to all Trump supporters about voter fraud. Donald Trump isn’t wrong when he says this election is rigged. At first it was passed off as just something ridiculous Trump said, but now it’s obvious. Just look at what the mainstream media has been doing. Pushing false narratives all day, spending days and days on the bogus sexual assault  allegations from woman saying Donald Trump “kissed them”. But the mainstream media is totally ignoring the bombshell dumps from WikiLeaks that is very damming for Hillary Clinton.

It came out yesterday that billionaire Nazi collaborator George Soros affiliated company “Smartmatic” will be running some voter machine in some key battle ground states. This is absolutely terrible. Folks, THIS ELECTION WILL BE STOLEN IF WE LET THEM!

Donald Trump has 10s of thousands sometimes over 20,000 people at his rallys compared to the few hundred that Hillary gets. His support on the Internet, such as Facebook, Twitter and independent sites is unmatched. Yet the mainstream media wants us to believe that he has no chance of winning, or he’s 10 points behind in polls. Although if you look closely at those polls it clearly shows that they sample almost double the amount of democrats than republicans.

So how do we stop election fraud? There’s a few ways we can ensure a legitimate Donald Trump victory in November. Here’s a few….
The Red Movement for Trump on election day
The red movement.
I wrote about this a few weeks ago. If we all wear red on election day it will give us a visual estimation of all the Trump votes.

Record your vote.
I’m doing all of these but this is a great idea. When you’re in the booth casting your vote, record yourself on video showing your vote for Donald Trump. At least take a picture of the machine and yourself in the booth. Tweet these pictures or videos directly to Donald Trump. Also many electronic voting machines give you a print out of your vote, be sure to keep that. If they don’t print it out, ask someone if they can give you one anyway.

This is how we can stop election fraud
Exit polling.
I’ve already volunteered to do exit polling. After people vote you simply ask them who they voted for, and take record of it.

Leave a comment below or on the YouTube video if you gave any other ideas!

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