The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 REVIEW2 minute read

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It’s finally back! My favorite show. I’m happy, Flash on Tuesday and Arrow on Wednesday. Comic book TV is back.

Here is my Review from Episode 1 and predictions for episode 2..

The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 REVIEW


So the episode leads into Barry in his new Flashpoint life. He thinks is all perfect but he is slowly losing his powers and memories everytime he uses his speed.

So for the most part of the first episode it’s Barry enjoying his new life. Then He comes to realize he can’t live this life. He’ll lose his powers. Barry seeks help from the Reverse Flash to get back to his regular time.

But they then get there everything seems good but Iris is no longer in their lives. We didn’t get much of an explanation on why. But I’m sure is just something big. If I had to guess it has something to do with her mother, like in this life she lives with her mom instead of Joe.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 REVIEW

Now my thoughts of the season opener. And predictions.

I really enjoyed the first episode, I was looking forward to the Flashpoint story. They did a good job in adapting the comic story to television. I liked how they used Iris in this episode as well. But I tell you what I didn’t like, yet another damn speedster for the villain. The Rival was the villain in the Flashpoint timeline for Kid Flash. At the end of the episode Edward Clariss (The Rival) is woken up by Dr. Alchemy. We don’t know if Alchemy is going to turn Clariss into The Rival or use him for something else. But hopefully Dr. Alchemy is the main villain and not another damn speedster. From what we see in the little teaser (above) for episode 2 is the Flashpoint story isn’t over, Barry is still dealing with the consequences. Should be super interesting.

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