Notice those ‘Hillary For Prison’ stickers all over south Tampa?1 minute read

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Archive post from… sent me a 100 pack of the ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ stickers free so I could smack them ALL over South Tampa, Florida.

But why? Well I don’t know when you’re reading this but right now there is only 13 days until the election, and Florida is a big state in the election. I’m trying to spread the word, mainly about Hillary Clinton’s crimes, but also and my site.

I’m hoping people see that sticker, and pull out there phones to Google ‘Hillary For Prison 2016’ sticker Tampa. If they do that they’ll come right to my site, hopefully read some articles, get educated, and vote in this election so we can fight Crooked Hillary Clinton! That’s my idea. I’m trying folks… I’m trying to fight the false narrative through my articles, my videos, my podcast and in person. The media is lying to you!

If you actually saw the sticker and found my site, I would love to hear from you @DjBootleg813!

Vote Donald Trump for president 2016!

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