Mike Pence was impressive in the VP Debate2 minute read

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I wasn’t sure what to expect last night, not only have I never watched a vice president debate but I wasn’t sure how Pence would debate. But Pence was very impressive last night. In the first debate Donald Trump was on the defensive for most of the time. Tim Kaine tried his hardest to do the same with Mike Pence, but it didn’t work. Anytime Kaine would try and bring up some pointless talking point or quoting Trump out of context instead of Pence going on the defensive he would just simply say “oh come on, that’s ridiculous” or “that’s non sense” and you can tell that was really getting Kaine frustrated. I mean honestly is getting pathetic. All these people have is Trump not paying taxes 20 years ago. Seriously? How is a business man using the tax laws to his advantage a bad thing? Do you realize Hillary Clinton used the EXACT same tax advantage?

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine in first vice presidential debate

I think the moderator Elaine Quijano, did lose control of the debate. Tim Kaine was CONSTANTLY interrupting Mike Pence and she was allowing it. At one point in the beginning Kaine interrupted Pence and Pence said “hey this is my time” Kaine responded looking at the moderator “isn’t this a back and forth discussion?” She said yes it is. But when Pence would interrupt Kaine it of course turned back into a debate and Pence wasn’t able to interrupt Kaine as he did to him.

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine in first vice presidential debate

But overall I am very happy with Team Trump. Mike Pence is a very strong debater, and many are now saying he could be a front runner for the 2020 election. I really wanted Donald Trump to pick either Ben Carson or Rand Paul for his running mate, but I see now he made a great choice with Mike Pence.

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