It’s official, Donald Trump will be our next President2 minute read

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Ok so it may not be “official” but it’s very clear that Trump will win this election. Hillary Clinton is literally falling apart. I’m sure you’ve seen the video of Hillary seizing up, passing out and being literally dragged into the van at the 9/11 memorial. But just in case you missed it I’ll put the video above. I just keep watching it, it’s simply amazing. Not because I want Hillary to suffer, but because it’s official, she is sick and CLEARLY unfit to serve as president. There is no hiding it anymore.

It's official, Donald Trump will be our next President

Donald Trump is now six points ahead of Hillary Clinton in a recent poll. There is a trend you may have noticed over the past few weeks. Trump is pulling ahead. For good reason, the people are seeing that the mainstream media is as dishonest as they come. They’re still saying Hillary’s health is a non issue and it’s a conspiracy. Haha. When they ran the video of her passing out and being thrown like a rag doll into the secret service van they said “well she’s a little wobbly” it’s pathetic. There are numerous going around that the DNC party is considering replacing Hillary. But I doubt this will happen simply because I don’t see Hillary giving up if she is still breathing.

But that’s not it. The Hillary Clinton email scandal is not over. Congress slapped the FBI with a subpoena ordering them to hand over all files and information for further investigation.

But wait that’s not all! Hillary is consistently hanging herself more and more each day. She recently said that half of the people who support Trump are “deplorable” and are racist, homophobic, xenophobia etc. That’s terrible. Things are finally starting to catch up to this black hearted witch.

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