HUGE: FBI REOPENING investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server3 minute read

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I know I’m a bit late on this but i had to work a double shift today and I can’t just not report on this. News broke earlier today that the director of the FBI James Comey announced that he is REOPENING the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server due to new evidence surfacing. During the Anthony Weiner investigation, which is still under way, the FBI uncovered additional information into the Clinton case on a device owned by Weiner. Now this is absolutely HUGE. With only 10 days until the election this could be the knock out blow to Hillary Clinton that she deserves.

Below is the letter Comey sent to congress…..
HUGE: FBI REOPENING investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email server

Now what I think happened that made the FBI reopen the case is one of two things…

1. They were seizing Weiner’s computer or devices for investigation and they found more emails that Hillary’s people weren’t able to acid wash or totally forgot about.


2. FBI James Comey was under INTENSE scrutiny for not pressing charges against Hillary earlier this year, though there was classified information on her illegal server and she lied under oath.

3. Obama told Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server due to the recent Wikileaks that shows that President Obama clearly knew about Hillary’s illegal private email server. What we have to remember is James Comey answers directly to President Obama. Meaning this had to go through him before being reopened.

Honestly I think it was both. There is an ongoing investigation on Anthony Weiner (Huma Abedin’s husband) and his sexting to an underage girl. So I think the FBI found additional information pertaining to the Hillary investigation and Comey decided to reopen the case to try and save his reputation.

This couldn’t have came at a better time. Only 10 days out unti the election and one of the candidates is under investigation by the FBI. Those people who voted early for Hillary Clinton must feel pretty dumb and want a redo.

Now what will come off this? I think they will end up pressing charges on Hillary Clinton. But either way it doesn’t matter. We have already won people. There is no way in sam hell she could win this election now. Below is a video of Hillary Clinton holding a press conference after hearing the news that the FBI is reopening the email investigation. She looks absolutely shaken, she realizes that karma is right around the corner and all the horrible things she has done are finally catching up with her.

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